How to Buy a Repossessed Home

We have been selling repossessed homes since 1983 and we fully intend to make your buying experience a good time. Depending on which property you choose, each lender will have different guidelines. Your sales representative will explain the differences to you and help you decide which lender and/or property is best for you.

Here are a few things you need to consider before calling Hastings Brokerage, Ltd.:

What loan amount can I qualify for?

You can ask a lender by clicking this link Home Loan. Make sure you provide the maximum sales price you are given to your Hastings Brokerage, Ltd. sales representative.

What area do I want my new home to be located?

What features do I want in my new home?

For example; square footage, bedrooms, yard size, pool, etc.

Do I want my new home to be fully repaired or sold to me without repairs?

Do I have to sell another home before I buy a new one?

How soon am I ready to move?

Your Hastings Brokerage, Ltd. sales representative will adjust to fit your needs specifically. Please remember that you will not be paying us for our services. We receive our compensation from the seller.

You can email a Hastings Brokerage, Ltd. salesperson at Sales.