Code of Ethics

To work as a team striving unselfishly toward the betterment of Hastings Brokerage, Ltd. for the common good of everyone involved. To hold a higher standard for ourselves individually and as a team above and beyond what is a typical and normal practice in the Real Estate Industry. To act honestly, prudently, and swiftly in all matters with no regard to commission or pay possibly being earned. To have all of our customers (internal & external) feel they will always receive the best service possible from any member of Hastings Brokerage, Ltd. available in the Real Estate Industry. Always knowing that there is someone better than us therefore creating a spirit of humility in each and every member of Hastings Brokerage, Ltd. To treat our internal customers (fellow employees) as well as we treat our external customers (lenders, etc.). To be open to criticism and to be flexible enough to meet all changing demands. To realize that everyone is only human and that others are to be treated with a caring, serving, comical spirit.